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Ordinance 114:    

Due Date for Water, Sewer and Sanitation Fees:


Water, sewer and garbage fees levied in accordance with this chapter shall be due and payable in full not later than the 20th of each month for the services provided during the preceding month. The billing cycle will run from the 25th of each month or the closest working day to the 25th for the previous month’s usage. There will be a $5.00 late fee assessed to each account that is not paid by the 25th of each month.  All bills must be paid in full or utilities will be disconnected on the 20th or the closest business day of the following month.  The only notice necessary to terminate service shall be “one” written notice, one day prior to the day of disconnection.  Fees shall be paid at the Clearmont Town Hall.  Payments applied but not paying in full will not terminate the utilities from being disconnected. 


Also, please remember that there will be a $10.00 disconnect charge and a $10.00 reconnect charge if water is disconnected for non-payment.

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