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Our History

The Clear Creek Valley in southern Sheridan County was first settled by cattlemen in the early 1880’s. Cattlemen are major influencers of the community still today. 

The railroad came through in 1892, bringing with it homesteaders and the developing of railroad towns to support the growing population.


Clearmont was platted in September of 1892 by the Lincoln Co. It was in the early 1900’s before businesses were built to support the people. Jake and Cora built the first mercantile store. Mary Boyd built the Clearmont Hotel. John Loafman built a pool hall, and J.N. Sweat built one of the finest hotels/saloons in the valley in 1904.


Education was always a major issue. Teachers were listed in the Polk Directory.


Tidbits from the 1900 Census of Clearmont precinct listed 39 railroad workers, 17 cowboys, 12 farmers, and 10 sheep men. A total of 138 people resided in said precinct.


Clearmont was incorporated in 1919, with a jail and water works being the first things on the council’s agenda.


The Town of Clearmont reached its peak in the 50’s with 225 people. Tourists and shopping for local farmers and ranchers were main business.

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